Take a Class on Us! 

We encourage all of our students and families to try a variety of dance styles and we are more than happy to accommodate trial classes for new and existing students who are wanting to try something a bit different.

The ClassForKids Booking System

ClassForKids is a booking and management software created specifically for the kids industry. It is completely safe and your details will not be shared.

Before lacing up those dance shoes, it’s important that all students and/or parents – whether returning or new - agree to the terms and conditions and complete the registration process on our booking site https://maggie-mays.class4kids.co.uk so we can ensure we have the most up-to-date contact details for you. This information includes your registration details, media release consent (so we can show off photos and videos of our amazing dancers in and around the studios), and public liability / Insurance contract.

There is a one off registration / insurance fee of £18 that will allow your child to be a member of Maggie Mays Performing Arts Studios. For this registration fee school aged children will receive a Maggie Mays t-shirt and IDR Sash. Preschool aged children will receive a Maggie Mays t-shirt and reward cards with medals though out the year.